Project Management

Project Management is the professional discipline which separates the management function of a project from the design and execution elements. Management and design may still be combined on smaller projects and be performed by the leader of the design team, usually the Architect and to that extent Architecture and More can undertake either of these roles. For larger or more complex projects the need to separate management has resulted in the evolution of project management.

One definition of project management is ‘the process of guiding a project from its beginning through its performance to its closure. Project management includes three basic operations:

• Planning: Specifying the desired results, determining the schedules and estimating the resources
• Organising: Defining people’s roles and responsibilities
• Controlling: Reconfirming people’s expected performances, monitoring actions and results, addressing problems and sharing information with interested people

In order to successfully perform these activities, the following is required:

• Information: Accurate, timely and complete data for the planning, performance monitoring and final assessment
• Communication: Clear, open and timely sharing of information with appropriate individuals and groups
• Commitment: Team members’ personal promises to produce the agreed results on time and within budget.’

Architecture and More has gained invaluable project management experience over the years and is able to utilise that experience to provide the activities identified above as well as cost advice, undertake project planning, risk management, value engineering, co-ordination of the design and construction team, tendering, contract administration and provide strict change control procedures to ensure complete control of the project is maintained from its inception through to its completion.